First Days

Wow.  It’s been a BIG week in the Tripp house.  I have no idea how it happened, but the (not so) tiny baby we brought home last week (ok 5 and a half years ago) started KINDERGARTEN!  I really don’t know how it happened.  Daryl and I literally go into her room every night to peek at her to make sure she’s not getting any bigger.  Sometimes we peek three or four times.  We have NEVER actually seen her growing!  Nevertheless somehow she managed to turn into a full grown kindergartener!

As she seems determined to continue growing, we took lot lots of pictures to try to capture her in her big moment.

Thank you to Pinterest for the sign idea.  The plan is to take her picture with a sign marker every year  she’s in school.  Hopefully she’ll never have to use the same one twice!

Here she is with her first day teacher gift.  As a former teacher, I highly recomend teacher gifts at any point in the year!  (As a mom I am very impressed with myself that I actually followed through with a gift idea.)  We tucked a $5 Starbucks card in with the flowers Brynna picked out.  The pencil vase is another Pinterest idea.  I made it by hot gluing the pencils to a mason jar.  Easy and cute, if I do say so.  Have you noticed that mason jars are the hottest thing in crafting, cooking, and baking right now?

Out of nowhere during our little photo shoot she popped this cute little pose.  Um, hold up little girl.  You may not start school this cute and sassy!  You will be a nerd just like your mom and dad.  Tone it down a little.

Next up: a sibling shot.  Um, when did Piper turn into a giant baby?  We’ve been peeking at her too and witnessed no growing.  How are they doing this??

The backpack.

Posing with the teacher.  Yes we were those parents…  Ok, I was that mom.  Daryl was content to stand back simply let her walk into the classroom without fanfare and photos.  I think the teacher’s face kind of says, “Come on crazy mom, let’s hurry it up.  I’ve got work to do.”


as if my baby girl starting kindergarten weren’t enough to make me want to somehow halt the Earth’s orbit around the sun (thereby stopping the passage of time and solving this growing up problem), our baby boy started pre-school this week too!  No sign for him.  I decided the tradition will start with kinder for each kid.  Cop out?  Maybe.

Flowers and Starbucks for the teacher.  Shhh… Brynna’s vase turned out much better.  Don’t you just love that smile?  And oh those dimples!

He insisted on a picture holding Piper since Brynna got to hold Piper for her pictures.  Unfortunately Brynna was already at school, so we didn’t get one of all three for Lane’s big day.

Firetruck lunchbox!

I am so happy and feel so blessed that Lane has three of his best buddies from church in his class.  I am excited to see how this little group grows and learns together this year.  First up: Play-Do!

Lane tired of Play-Do and moved on to… the TRAIN table.  Mega points for pre-school.

And a picture with the teacher, of course!

Here are a few other things we’ve done to mark the week:

-Special family dinner Sunday night.  Brynna got to use the special “Celebrate” plate.

-Cooked family favorite breakfast casserole.  It’ll last us through the whole week.

-All five of us went up to the school Monday morning to drop Brynna off.

-Went to McD’s for Cherry Berry Chillers after school the first day.

-Lane got a special first day gift from Mommy and Daddy, two books about pooping.  A boy can never have too many poop books, right?

My heart has been bursting with emotions this week.  I love being a mommy so much.  It’s such a strange feeling to love each moment and milestone my kids hit but want to freeze them in time and hold them right where they are.  I have been trying to drink in every minute, and it’s been a sweet week for all of us.

Lane’s Birthday Part II

We had a sweet birthday celebration as a family on the night of Lane’s actual birthday.  Brynna helped him open gifts from all of us as well as a couple from the Grands.  Here she is giving him a tutorial on how to open “wrapped” gifts.

A Cars truck and Lightning McQueen!

A shot with his haul.  Red is the color of the year.  Love his super excited smile.  I hope it sticks around for a long time.

Marble Run was a big hit with Lane and Brynna both.  They love it.

Mommy even made a chocolate train cake!  Brynna said it was the best cake she’d ever seen.  I am quite the cake decorator, aren’t I?

We had Lane’s third birthday party a couple of weekends ago.  I cannot believe the boy is really three!  He requested a train party, and lucky for him there is a super cute train at a park right near our home.  We were able to reserve a ride on Saturday morning and invited a few of his buddies.  There were actually 4 little boys total (including Lane).  All of us mommies were pregnant with them at the same time.  So they’ve all known each other literally since birth.  Some of the big sisters came too, so that was a bonus for Brynna.

Train ride!  And a juice box… doesn’t get any better for this kid.

The cake.  Yes, Mommy did cringe ordering the “character cake”.  I tried to talk him into something generic, but he was set on having a train cake.  When it comes to store bought train cakes, Thomas is what you get.  Ah well.

The cake was definitely appreciated.

I love this shot of the buddies watching and helping with the gift opening.

We kept things short and sweet: train, cake, gifts, home.  The whole party lasted about an hour and a half, and we beat the worst of the heat. The train ride was a hit with everyone, little boys, big girls, and grown-ups.   Lane had a great time, though he did seem a little overwhelmed a couple times.  It was a fun and successful celebration of our THREE YEAR OLD!

Here is a link to info about the train, if you are interested.  The “conductor” built the train himself, and he and his wife actually laid all the tracks through the park themselves.

My Kids

So people ask all the time if we think Piper looks like Brynna and Lane.  Um, yes.  Actually I feel like we’ve had the same baby three times.  I wouldn’t trade any of them, but it would have been interesting to see some different genetic combos in our kids.  My brother and I couldn’t look more different, and I’ve always thought that was kind of cool.  Anyway, people often tell us they think Piper looks most like Lane.  They may look slightly more similar, but I think mostly it’s because they are closer in age than Piper and Brynna.

Here’s a comparison of all three.  What do you think?

Brynna – July 4th, 2006 – about 6 months

All three – July 4th, 2011 – Piper about 7 months

Lane – February 14, 2009 – About 7 months


Happy Fourth of July!

Our first 4th as a family with three kiddos turned out to be a pretty good one.  We began the day with a “parade” around the neighborhood school.  By parade, I mean pack of 20 bicycles and about 4 wagons all not so professionally decorated in red, white, and blue.   The kids enjoyed it, and the three spectators who happened to be out getting their mail as we paraded past enjoyed it too.  Lane especially did a good job waving his flag as we passed said spectators/mail getters.

Isn’t that the cutest little baseball hat you’ve ever seen?  Very American.

A proud parader!

We spent the rest of the morning getting ready for our class’ July 4th party and trying to generally be as American as possible.  How much cutesness can one little chair hold???

We hosted our Sunday School class’ July 4th Party again this year.  It was our second or third time to host and bittersweet as we are “aging out” of New Parents with Brynna’s entrance into Kindergarten.

Painting their own fireworks, since we won’t be seeing any around here due to the drought/burn bans.

Our WalMart special kiddie pool got a nice workout.  Notice how the plastic slide is a perfect fit!


I didn’t get any photos of grown ups this year, but we had a total of 11 families.  There was mass chaos!  But hopefully everyone had some fun too.  We did.

I did miss the big Friendswood parade and fair, not to mention fireworks.  We may have to make the trip next year for the authentic  Small Town America 4th.

I haven’t been able to decide what to post about lately.  I’m still not thrilled with the blog and have been too lazy haven’t had the time to sit down and figure out how to make it like I want it.

So, instead I thought I would throw out a quick post with a few pictures of what we’ve been up to.

I saw this activity on another mommy blog.  Not really too challenging for Lane, but he seemed to enjoy it anyway.  He’s poking dry spaghetti through the colander.  He was very serious about it and kept saying he had to do his work.


This is a fairly common scene at our house these days.  I love Piper’s expression.  I think she’s saying, “I am having fun, right?”


We’ve had lots of soccer this Spring.  They are such good friends!


Someday, Lane will hate both his sister and me for this picture.  But he’ll never be able to deny how thrilled he was to wear pink and match his Sissy!


We spent Easter in Friendswood with my brother and parents.  It was a sweet time together.  My dad recently joined the choir at their church, so we got to hear him sing in the big Easter service.  That alone was a pretty major event.  My dad has talked about joining the choir as long as I can remember, and his absolute favorite choir song is the Alleluia Chorus.  It was exciting to be there to watch him sing the Alleluia Chorus with the choir in his first Easter production! 

Other highlights included egg dying, knocking, and hunting, as well as a visit from the Bunny, Easter dinner and a visit to Great Grandmother and Great Granddaddy’s (for more egg knocking).


We tried dyeing the eggs a couple of different ways.

We had the usual cups of dye with dippers.


And we tried this way too.  It was fun, but pretty messy with a two-year old.



Of course Easter morning there was much excitement over the baskets! 

Here’s Brynna discovering the Bunny left Tangled in her basket!


Here’s Lane with a mouthful of candy and checking out a plastic egg with a bus in it!


Piper studying her bunny from the Bunny.


Our attempt at a family photo.


The Secret Service standing near the last un-found egg.


Egg knocking with Great Grandaddy.


Daryl had the Champion egg this year!


I think this is my favorite picture from the weekend.  Somehow I didn’t get any pictures of Great Grandmother!  Picture taking is more difficult with three kids!


The kids discovered that Grandmother’s chair and lamp were perfect for playing dentist!   I’m pretty sure I know what we’ll be playing every time we go to the Great grandparents’ house from now on!


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